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  1. The Shell That Speaks The Sea
    David Toop & Lawrence English

  2. Themes and Atmospheres for Adam Curtis's Russia 1985-1999 TraumaZone

  3. Approach

  4. Eternal Stalker
    Merzbow & Lawrence English

  5. Viento

  6. Outside The City of God (Augustine Wept)

  7. 'Oseni

  8. Material Interstices

  9. Observation Of Breath

  10. A Mirror Holds The Sky

  11. Breathing Spirit Forms
    David Toop, Akio Suzuki, Lawrence English

  12. Evocation At Peron

  13. Slow Walkers
    Slow Walkers

  14. Acute Inbetweens
    Lawrence English and Stephen Vitiello

  15. Fable
    Lawrence English and Stephen Vitiello

  16. Transit (15th Anniversary Edition)

  17. Happiness Will Befall (15th Anniversary Edition)

  18. Entomologists
    David Toop, Scanner, Lawrence English

  19. Field Recordings From The Zone

  20. A Young Person's Guide To Hustling (In Music And The Arts) Digital Artist Book

  21. Boombana Echoes
    Akio Suzuki & Lawrence English

  22. Lassitude

  23. Immediate Horizon
    Alessandro Cortini + Lawrence English

  24. Selva Oscura
    William Basinski And Lawrence English

  25. Achromatic
    HEXA + Merzbow

  26. Walker Harris English
    Walker, Harris, English

  27. Cruel Optimism

    HEXA (Lawrence English + Jamie Stewart)

  29. Approaching Nothing

  30. The Peregrine

  31. Wilderness Of Mirrors

  32. The Honour Of The Season

  33. And The Lived In

  34. Songs Of The Living

  35. Studies For Stradbroke

  36. Lonely Women's Club

  37. The Rocks That Tear The Ocean

  38. Suikinkutsu no katawara ni

  39. A Dream Amidst The Nightmares

  40. A Path Less Travelled
    Minamo/Lawrence English

  41. It's Up To Us To Live

  42. A Colour For Autumn

  43. A Colour For Autumn

  44. HB
    Francisco Lopez/ Lawrence English

  45. Euphonia
    Lawrence English & Tom Hall

  46. Big Sit

  47. Kiri No Oto

  48. Merola Shoulders
    Lawrence English & Domenico Sciajno

  49. U
    Tujiko Noriko/ Lawrence English/ John Chantler

  50. Plateau
    Lawrence English/Ai Yamamoto

  51. For Varying Degrees Of Winter

  52. Happiness Will Befall

  53. One+One
    Philip Samartzis/ Lawrence English

  54. Liminology

  55. Transit

  56. Overland

  57. Ghost Towns

  58. A Picturesque View, Ignored
    David Toop, Scanner, I/O3


Lawrence English Brisbane, Australia

Lawrence English. Philosopher of listening. Room40 Honcho. Generally questioning living, dying and everything else in-between.


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